ProSpray™ Surface Disinfectant

The ProSpray disinfectant formulation is an intermediate-level disinfectant recommended by the CDC for use in medical and dental settings and is EPA registered. Its residual activity provides sustained antimicrobial action without the use of alcohol or bleach, making it safe for devices, electronics, and tube sets. In addition, it is non-staining and features a light lemon scent. ProSpray is perfect for disinfecting FlexiPump tube sets and disinfecting the PureStation Sink Insert.

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  • One-step, ready-to-use intermediate-level formulation
  • 5 minute contact time to kill TB
  • Fresh lemon scent
  • Safe for use around electronics
  • Recommended and validated to clean PureStation™ Sink Insert and FlexiPump™ Tube Sets

Technical Specifications

  • Available Sizes
    • 4 - 1 gallon bottles
    • 15 - 24 oz. bottles
    • Wipes