PureStation™ Endoscopy Sink Insert

The PureStation Endoscopy Sink Insert’s interior LED lighting helps technicians easily identify bubbles during leaking testing processes. The PureStation insert improves efficiency by providing convenient ways to monitor and mix proper enzymatic solution concentrations. Each basin includes an interior LED light, a replaceable thermometer strip, water volume indicators and a chemistry mixing well to make enzymatic use simpler and more consistent.

The insert also includes a built-in device drain catch, which prevents small pieces from being lost down the drain. The handles on the sides of each insert also act as overflow drains to prevent spillage onto the floor.

The lightweight, polyurethane construction of this sink insert makes it easy to place and remove from counters, deep sinks and mobile carts. Each insert comes with caddies to store small adapters, parts, brushes and solution.

The insert can be used in mobile carts for storage, transport and soaking. The PureStation Mobile Cart can hold up to four (4) PureStation Sink Inserts. Clear transport lids are also available that slip on top of each insert. The lids are easy to write on (or attach biohazard labels to) in order to label biohazardous materials and prevent cross-contamination.

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  • Interior LED light provides increased illumination
  • LED lighting assists endoscopy departments identify bubbles during leak testing
  • Ergonomic solution for deep, utility style sinks
  • The PureStation Endoscopy Sink Insert can be used in deep sinks, counters, and in mobile carts
  • Chemical reservoir facilitates precise measuring of instrument cleaning chemistries
  • Cleaning tool caddy helps assure appropriate draining and drying of scrub brushes and device cleaning tools
  • Lightweight for easy removal for when deep sink basins are required
  • Built-in handles facilitate carrying and provide an overflow prevention outlet
  • Easy-to-read thermometer band indicates the ideal temperature range for enzymatic detergents
  • Integrated watermarks on inner basin help achieve proper chemical-to-water dilution ratio
  • Specially designed catch drain system prevents small pieces from being lost down the drain

Technical Specifications