PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStation

Patent Pending.

The PureSteel Ergonomic WorkStation is designed to enhance the packaging of instruments. By providing illumination for the inspection of perforations in sterile wrap materials, staff can have more control over quality. Combined with an ergonomic workspace, worker safety is enhanced and productivity is increased. An array of accessories are also available to accommodate the specific needs of each department.

“When using woven wraps, sterile processing personnel should …inspect wraps before each use for holes, worn spots, and stains.”

“When choosing and using nonwoven wraps, sterile personnel should …inspect the wrap to ensure that it is free of defects that could have an adverse effect on the performance of the material.”

ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017, 9.1, Packaging Standards


  • Table top light provides illumination for inspection of sterile wrap materials
  • Height-adjustability allows technicians to perform tasks while standing or seated
  • Ergonomic-friendly drawer, shelving and accessories assist in diminishing repetitive task fatigue and injury
  • Numerous accessories such as wire baskets, storage bins and electronic monitors are available
  • Wide counter space provides more room for larger instruments and wraps
  • Equipped with eight electrical outlets and underside cord management
  • Casters allow for mobility

Technical Specifications

Available in 48", 60", 70", 72" and 78" lengths.