PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks

Engineered by sink experts who understand the reprocessing space, PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks are the comprehensive stainless steel sink choice for reprocessing departments. PureSteel sinks are height-adjustable with an electronic push button so that each technician or nurse can meet their ergonomic requirements. This feature prevents unnecessary back bending while protecting instruments from damage. An ergonomic wrist rest is also integrated to remove pinch points during reprocessing and reduce wrist strain and injury.

The PureSteel sink’s posterior peg board also adjusts automatically as the sink height changes. Pure Processing offers a range of optional accessories that can be added to the peg board. These accessories are easily built onto the posterior peg board, clearing up counter space and organizing tools and processes.

An open configuration of the storage shelf prevents water damage under the sink and ensures long, useful life. PureSteel sinks come in standard or custom sizes and can be fixed or height-adjustable.



  • Height-adjustable with an electronic push button
  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Height-adjustable peg board that adjusts with the sink
  • Easy access storage shelf for flexible options
  • Designed for comfort, safety and infection prevention

Technical Specifications

  • 78", 96", 108" or 120" standard sizes
  • Custom sizes available
  • Peg board optional
  • Requires electrical for height adjustability
  • Now featuring smaller XI sink packages
  • Contact us for sink drawings
PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
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