PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink

The PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink is a healthcare reprocessing sink that can create a dedicated area for specific instrument reprocessing or increase a department’s sink space without expensive construction or renovation. The XI Sink has a small footprint that is designed to easily accommodate a variety of larger minimally invasive surgical and robotic instruments. The 8″ basin depth minimizes deep back bending but still allows proper depth for soaking and instrument trays. The XI Sink also features a back wall panel to organize tools for reprocessing at a convenient height.

The XI Sink is built with ergonomically friendly features recommended by OSHA and ANSI/AAMI guidelines. Slanted wrist edges at the edge of the sink basin help to minimize strain and injury during long hours of reprocessing. In addition, optional height-adjustment functions allow the sink to match the individual user to remove bending and strain.

The XI Reprocessing Sink is delivered with an accessory package to provide the core tools for effective, ergonomic, and efficient pre-cleaning, soaking, and flushing. Standard items include the FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System, a stainless steel back wall to hold accessories, a custom-fit sink liner to protect instruments as they are processed, and one 2-gallon rinse and solution tank.


  • Can be height-adjustable
  • Slanted wrist edges at the edge of the sink basin
  • Small footprint
  • Allows departments to create a dedicated area for specific instrument reprocessing such as MIS, scope or robotic instruments
Standard Accessories:

Technical Specifications

  • Can be height-adjustable to fit each user
  • Internal sink dimensions: 30" x 18" inches
  • External sink dimensions: 34" x 30" inches
  • Made specifically to fit da Vinci XI robotics, MIS, and larger scopes
PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink
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