TIDIShield® Grab ‘n Go™ Face Shields

TIDIShield® Grab ‘n Go™ Face Shields’ construction centers around safety, protection and comfort in the reprocessing department. TIDIShield® Grab ‘n Go™ Face Shields include a venting system in the foam headband for maximum air flow and anti-fog properties. They also feature a larger size for greater splash guard protection. An adjustable head strap secures the face shield in place and foam headband make it comfortable for long periods of work. Grab ‘n Go Face Shields are made without natural latex rubber.


  • Proprietary venting system
  • Anti-fog film enhances visual activity
  • Optical-grade face shield
  • Adjustable head strap secures face shield while in use; extra comfort for long-wear time
  • Splash guard protection
  • Large face shield
  • Not made from natural latex rubber

Technical Specifications

  • Regular: 12" x 7.5"
  • Large: 12" x 9.5"