Robotic Reprocessing Capabilities
Endoscopy Reprocessing Solutions from Pure Processing
PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
PureStation™ Sink Insert
Capabilities of the FlexiPump Independent Flushing System
PureClear™ Inspection Scopes & Visualization Station
PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station
Pure Processing Product LineUp
How to Change FlexiPump Tube Sets
PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink
Flushing Capabilities of the FlexiPump Independent Flushing System
Pure LandingPad™ Silicone Sink Liner
PureStation™ Four Tier Transport Cart
PureChannel Flush 2oz. Foam Bottles
Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes
PureClear™ Inspection Scopes – Suction Tip
PureClear™ Inspection Scopes – Orthopaedic Reamer
The importance of visually inspecting lumened instruments
Cleaning Flexible Endoscopes
Visual Exit of Debris from Device
Flush Robotics with the FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System
Chapter 1 – Speed Control and Flushing Devices
Chapter 2 – Forward Flush
Chapter 3 – Impact Cycle
Chapter 4 – Robotic and XL Slip Tip
Chapter 5 – Decontaminating Tube Sets
Chapter 6 – Changing Tube Sets
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