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PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sinks are key enablers of both

CAROL STREAM, IL, May 22, 2017 — The eyes of infection preventionists and hospital compliance officers
are on the endoscope reprocessing areas in their healthcare facilities, and for good reason. News reporting of
infection outbreaks, reprocessing recalls and patient notifications related to ineffective endoscope reprocessing
pose a threat to patients and a hospital’s reputation.

Because of their intricate designs and delicate components, endoscopes, robotic tools and other minimally
invasive lumened devices must be manually pre-cleaned. This includes disassembly, soaking, cleaning,
disinfection, copious flushing, reassembly and often drying each device before each use. This complex, multistep
manual process is inherently prone to human inconsistency and repetitive motion injuries.

Pure Processing LLC, provider of pre-cleaning systems and accessories, designs pre-cleaning equipment and
tools specifically to address these daily SPD issues. The company’s PureSteel™ XI Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
are among their newest pre-cleaning facilitators. Developed for use in healthcare sterile processing and
endoscopy departments, PureSteel XI sinks offer accessories and features that support greater process
consistency and reduce the risk of staff injury.

How does ergonomic design translate into practical benefits in real-world hospital pre-cleaning areas? Here’s
what Tim Parsons, CRCST CHL CIS, SPD Educator at UCSF, Parnassus Campus had to say:
“Since we started using the XI sink with its companion FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System, we
have reduced our turnaround time and improved the quality of our decontamination processes for all
our channeled instruments. We’re constantly finding new applications for the sink and FlexiPump
system, and we benefit from having an additional reprocessing sink that fits into our existing space. This
Pure Processing equipment is an outstanding addition to our decontamination process.”

The PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink can be used as a mobile or stationary sink. It can become a dedicated area
for specific instrument reprocessing or increase a department’s sink capacity within the existing department
space. The XI sink has a small footprint but is sized to easily accommodate a variety of longer or larger
endoscopic, minimally invasive surgical, and robotic instruments. The basin depth minimizes deep back bending
but still allows proper depth for soaking and instrument trays. The XI sink is delivered with the core tools for
effective, consistent and ergonomic leak testing, pre-cleaning and flushing. Standard items include:

Three FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing Systems
• A built-in accessory rail that holds pumps and containers within easy reach
• A back pegboard to organize tools for reprocessing at an ergonomic height and reach for the user
• A custom-fit sink liner to protect instruments as they are processed
• Three perforated containers to hold brushes and small parts
• A detergent dosing system that can be programmed for any enzymatic brand
• A 20-x 32 GelPro® Eco-Pro™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

To watch the PureSteel XI Reprocessing Sink in action, go to: https://youtu.be/tYAXLWYcAXE