4 Benefits of Becoming Part of an Online Decontam Community

Online groups and communities have become a great way to both network with new members in a profession, but also learn from each other.  Pure Processing launched the LuvDecon online networking group to help raise awareness of the importance of decontamination processes in central sterile processing departments and celebrate reprocessing professionals who make patient safety a priority.

“As anyone who has every worked in the decontamination area can attest, the job is challenging, physically demanding and, at times, uncomfortable,” said IAHCSMM Education Director Natalie Lind, CRCST, CHL, FCS. “It’s important that every sterile processing leader and teammate—and, ideally, interdisciplinary teammates, infection preventionists and those in the C-Suite—learn more about and gain a better appreciation for all the hard work that takes place in the SPD and, especially, in the decontamination area. When team members feel supported and appreciated, their own appreciation for the tasks at hand will increase as well, and the outcomes will certainly reflect it.”

The mission behind LuvDecon has four main goals:

  1. Members can connect with other sterile processing professionals.
  2. Members become part of a motivational community that reshapes perceptions around decontamination as a whole and increases respect for the profession.
  3. Members receive access to resources and continuing education opportunities.
  4. Members help bring awareness to one of the most foundational steps to patient care: manual cleaning and decontamination

Squad Goals Pic 1Central sterile processing departments already have their own communities within their departments; reaching out to other professionals in other facilities can help enabling sharing best practices, and providing opportunities for coaching and advice between peers and friends

To help share these many individual goals and aspirations from central sterile decontamination departments, the LuvDecon community is launching a #SquadGoals contest. The #SquadGoals contest aims to connect departments with each other and provide inspiration to others. What goals do other decontamination departments have? What have they achieved as a department? Participate in the #SquadGoals poster contest, and share your own department experiences  with other members of the LuvDecon community.

How to participate:

Step 1: Join the LuvDecon community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/luvdecon

Step 1: Request a poster by clicking here. There is no department limit on poster quantity, and it is free to participate.

Step 2: Fill out your goals on the poster and take a photo with your decontamination squad.

Step 3: Post a photo of your decontamination team and your #SquadGoals poster on the LuvDecon Facebook group.

Pure Processing will select a winner at random every month for a free prize package.


Developing Squads and Promoting Best Practices

Education is an important cornerstone of continuous improvement for patient and staff safety. Embracing a continuous learner mindset not only increases patient care, but also supports fellow teammates in central sterile processing. A great decontamination squad is a team that encourages training and continued education, shares best practices and promotes ongoing learning. When you become a part of the LuvDecon community, you connect with others in the profession seeking not only to elevate the importance of decontamination, but also share the Luv for the sterile processing community.

LuvDecon Poster Pic 2

Become a part of the LuvDecon community today !

Join us at www.facebook.com/groups/luvdecon.


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