PureStation™ Four Tier Transport Cart

The PureStation Four Tier Transport Cart is used to safely transport, store and soak multiple basins of instruments at once. It is ideal for small departments that need additional space for storage, transport and soaking. Soiled scopes can soak in the PureStation Sink Inserts underneath while the top acts as an additional sink basin for reprocessing. Each four-tier cart also includes clear transport lids to prevent cross-contamination and damage to instruments when in use.

The PureStation Three Tier Work Station with stainless steel countertop easily integrates into pre-existing work areas for a seamless fit that add extra counter space.

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  • Used for storage, soaking, transport and reprocessing
  • Clear transport lids prevent cross-contamination and scope damage
  • Work Station model easily integrates into pre-existing work configurations without taking up space or adding bulk
  • Each sink insert can be fitted with a FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System for automated flushing of channel instruments
Optional accessories:

Technical Specifications

  • 4 PureStation™  Sink Inserts
  • 4 transparent lids
PureStation™ Four Tier Transport Cart
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