PureSteel™ High-Level Disinfection Sink

The PureSteel™ High-Level Disinfection Sink creates a dedicated space for high-level disinfection processes. Equipped with counter space for the ENDO|BATH® High-Level Disinfection Device, technicians can easily soak instruments and drain HLD solutions without exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes.

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  • Separate ENDO|BATH® station facilitates side-by-side functions
  • Design allows technicians to easily drain HLD solutions without exposure
  • HLD sink can be equipped with a FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System for simultaneous pre-cleaning and automated flushing
  • Center divider panel separates dirty from clean items to prevent cross-contamination
  • Meets all standards, guidelines and recommendations
Endoscopy Reprocessing Solutions
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