PureSteel™ Volume Indicator Etching Plate

The PureSteel Volume Indicator Etching Plate allows an accurate measurement of cleaning solutions inside sink basins. The Volume Indicator Etching Plate is removable and easy to clean inside a cart washer. Because each plate is removable, they are also easy to replace as needed. Etching plates can be made to fit unique basin specifications by filling and submitting the request form to the right.

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PureSteel™ High-Level Disinfection Sink

The PureSteel HLD (High-Level Disinfection) Sink creates a dedicated space for high-level disinfection processes. Equipped with counter space for the ENDO|BATH® High-Level Disinfection Device, technicians can easily soak instruments and drain HLD solutions without exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes.

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PureSteel™ Workstation

The PureSteel Workstation is a salable and effective option for creating a dedicated, yet mobile, work space for your department. Height-adjustability and a variety of accessories make the workstation an easy solution for time, space and cost effectiveness. 

The integrated back wall allows departments to create customized layouts of accessories to match each individual’s space and workflow requirements. Include magnified task lights, wire baskets, gallon and bottle holders, shelves, and more to create completely customized stations.

PureSteel Workstations also include an open configuration shelf for storing tools and equipment.

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PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station

The PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station delivers dedicated spaces for soaking instruments during peak reprocessing hours. The Mobile Soaking Station is perfect for horizontally soaking robotics and larger orthopedic instruments for longer soak times, as stipulated in IFUs.

The Mobile Soaking Station is built on casters for mobile use and includes an organizational back wall panel to organize soaking accessories and tools close at use, without taking up additional counter space.

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PureSteel™ Organizational Pegboard Panels

PureSteel Organizational Pegboard Panels are used in reprocessing and storage areas to free up counter space and facilitate organization at an ergonomic height that is easy to reach and navigate.

PureSteel Organizational Pegboard Panels allow for easy installation of precleaning accessories as well as installation of the FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System at a comfortable, ergonomic height. Back wall panels come in various sizes to accommodate all work spaces. Pegboard panels come in multiple sizes as well as customized options, and include a wide range of accessories.

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PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink

The PureSteel™ XI Reprocessing Sink is a healthcare reprocessing sink that can create a dedicated area for specific instrument reprocessing or increase a department’s sink space without expensive construction or renovation. The XI Sink has a small footprint that is designed to easily accommodate a variety of larger minimally invasive surgical and robotic instruments. The 8″ basin depth minimizes deep back bending but still allows proper depth for soaking and instrument trays. The XI Sink also features a back wall panel to organize tools for reprocessing at a convenient height.

The XI Sink is built with ergonomically friendly features recommended by OSHA and ANSI/AAMI guidelines. Slanted wrist edges at the edge of the sink basin help to minimize strain and injury during long hours of reprocessing. In addition, optional height-adjustment functions allow the sink to match the individual user to remove bending and strain.

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PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sink

Engineered by sink experts who understand the reprocessing space, PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks are the comprehensive stainless steel sink choice for reprocessing departments. These high quality stainless steel sinks include an electronic push button height adjustment so that each technician or nurse can meet their ergonomic requirements. This feature prevents unnecessary back bending while protecting instruments from damage. An ergonomic wrist rest is also integrated to remove pinch points during reprocessing and reduce wrist strain and injury.

The PureSteel sink’s posterior back wall panel also adjusts automatically as the sink height changes. Pure Processing offers a variety of optional accessories that can be added to the back wall panel to clear counter space, organize tools near the user, and help make pre-cleaning more efficient.

The integrate storage shelf has an open configuration, which prevents water damage under the sink and helps ensure a long, useful life. The storage shelf can also be height-adjustable, raising and lowering to remove the lift and strain from heavy gallon bottles, while also allowing easy mopping underneath the sink.

PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks come in standard or custom sizes, and can be fixed or height-adjustable.

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