About Pure Processing

Our Mission

Pure Processing, LLC designs, develops and manufactures ergonomic solutions for easy, fast, safe and effective medical device pre-cleaning. We help surgical and reprocessing departments protect their most important assets: their staff and instrumentation. By applying a thorough understanding of ergonomics and the instrument cleaning environment, Pure Processing professionals help healthcare providers achieve greater clinical value for their patients by enabling optimal pre-cleaning processes and quality.

What We Do

Pure Processing delivers solutions that make medical instrument pre-cleaning easier, faster and more compliant with best practices. We tackle common ergonomic challenges like deep sinks, injury-prone repetitive activities with syringes and spray guns, and inconsistent pre-cleaning practices. Our technologies help users develop safe and standardized practices that meet or exceed pre-cleaning compliance requirements. Our solutions facilitate the pre-cleaning of all channeled instruments, including rigid and flexible endoscopes, robotic, ocular, bariatric, laparoscopic, urologic and orthopedic devices, suction tips, and more.

Because each reprocessing department is unique, our products are designed to accommodate any pre-cleaning space. Whether the answer is a new stainless steel sink, automated flushing, mobile cart options, sink inserts, or all of these, our professionals match the challenges of each SPD team and reprocessing area to the optimal Pure Processing solutions.