PureSteel™ XL Transport Container Tiered Cart

Greater soaking capacity in a small footprint

Transporting robotic and larger surgical instruments in soaking containers can pose ergonomic and bio-hazard safety risks. The PureSteel™ XL Transport Container Tiered Cart provides a secure, dedicated space to horizontally soak four InstruSafe® XL Transport Containers of instruments. The transport cart also serves as a sealed soaking station for facilities lacking adequate soaking space. 

The Tiered Cart can also serve as an ideal staging cart for flexible endoscopes, for delayed soaking, or for soaking multiple flexible endoscopes at once.  

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Carrying Capacity: Each cart accommodates vertical storage for up to four InstruSafe XL Transport Containers 
  • Flexible endoscope reprocessing: Ideal for creating staging and soaking capacity in tight, endoscopy departments 

Technical Specifications

  • 21" L x 35" D x 45" H
Robotic Reprocessing Capabilities
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