PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sink

Sterile processing and endoscopy reprocessing sinks custom engineered for every need & department

Engineered by sink specialists who understand the reprocessing space, PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks are the comprehensive stainless steel sink choice for sterile processing and gastroenterology departments.

PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks are custom designed & built to meet the needs of their SPD / gastroenterology department. Both standard and custom options are available. Sinks can be custom built with multiple basin options, lengths, depths, and in-built features to fit in unique installations.

Sinks feature electronic lifters so that each sterile processing technician or GI nurse can meet their ergonomic requirements; never built with hydraulic lifters which require maintenance and upkeep.

The posterior pegboard also adjusts as the sink height changes, keeping accessories and tools at the most ergonomic height. Pegboards can easily be changed for back walls, shortened in height, or created with custom peg designs to meet project specifications. Pegboards wire electrical away from work spaces and declutter sinks.

An ergonomic wrist rest is integrated into basins to remove pinch points during reprocessing and reduce unnecessary wrist strain and injury. Height-adjustable undershelves, and enhanced lighting further improve worker ergonomics.

Pure Processing offers a variety of optional accessories that can be added to the pegboard to free up counter space, organize tools near the user, and help make manual cleaning more efficient.

PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks can also feature an optional EZ Hinge™ Pegboard, which hinge to allow staff to clean & disinfect behind plumbed sinks. EZ Hinge pegboards also allow adaptability; sterile processing technicians or GI nurses can install new accessories, or completely reverse the workflow of a sink as needs change. Technicians can easily access power or utilities not usually accessible behind fixed equipment.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Height-adjustable sinks with dual electronic push buttons for enhanced reliability.
  • Height-adjustable pegboard or back wall that adjusts with the sink. Allows power cords to be wired away & behind basins, reducing risk of damage or harm from electrical cords. Custom pegboard or backwall options available.
  • Optional in-basin lighting aids in leak testing or general cleaning tasks.
  • Optional integrated temperature gauges provide constant temperature readouts of liquids and chemicals in basins.
  • Replaceable and washable volume etching plates offer a cleanable alternative to permanently etched basins.
  • Enhance user comfort with ergonomic wrist rest to remove pinch points. An optional Copper Clean® Anti-Microbial Wrist Slant sanitizes high-touch areas and reduces exposure for staff from pathogens.
  • Customizable storage underneath sink: height-adjustable shelves, flat shelves, or U-bases available.
  • Overflow drains prevent flooding at the sink, and don’t require users to put gloved hands into soapy, deep basins to drain.
  • Corner-placed drains prevent delicate instrument tips from damage.
  • Additional, integrated power outlets provide capacity to add powered tools at each station.
  • Pre-assembled sink units for easy implementation; only remove from pallets, wheel into departments, and provide final plumbing connections to put into play.
  • Explore our extensive catalog of optional cleaning accessories and features to build each sink to its unique use and to department goals. See our full accessory & feature brochure, here.

Technical Specifications

  • 96", 108" or 120" standard sizes
  • Custom sizes & configurations, including general dimensions and basin sizing and placements
  • Back wall or pegboards optional; height, depth, design and backsplash all customizable
  • Includes (8) additional outlets to add power & capacity at each sink (each sink requires 1 standard wall outlet)
  • Casters, pedestal feet or seismic feet available
  • Smaller Xi sink packages available for tight floor plans or dedicated reprocessing stations
PureSteel™ EZ Hinge™ Pegboards for PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
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