PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStation

The PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStation is designed to enhance the packaging of instruments. By providing illumination for the inspection of instruments and perforations in sterile wrap materials, staff can have more control over quality.

Combined with an ergonomic workspace, worker safety is enhanced and productivity is increased. An array of accessories are also available to accommodate the specific needs of each department.

Tables can be customized according to each department’s unique workflow: foot rests, back walls, drawers, printer shelves, and storage are built with each unique application in mind.

Woven fabrics “…must be inspected to ensure that there are no tears, punctures, worn spots or stains from previous use. That inspection is performed using a light table that has a light source built into the tabletop to help spot small holes and punctures. As the wrap is passed over the lighted table top, light shines through the small holes and punctures making them easier to identify.”

HSPA Central Service Technician Manual, 8th edition

“When using woven wraps, sterile processing personnel should …inspect wraps before each use for holes, worn spots, and stains.”

“When choosing and using nonwoven wraps, sterile personnel should …inspect the wrap to ensure that it is free of defects that could have an adverse effect on the performance of the material.”

ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017, 9.1, Packaging Standards

The tabletop light “solves issues. Holes in the filter or drape is a problem, so the light is a time-saver and a frustration-saver. We can have faith that the drape will be in good shape.” – Sue, SPD Manager

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Features to help your SPD department

  • Table top light provides illumination for inspection of instruments and sterile wrap materials
  • Task and magnification lighting assists with inspection of instruments and packaging materials
  • Height-adjustment allows technicians to perform tasks while standing or seated at their most ergonomic height
  • Drawers, shelving, pull-out counters and footrests assist in diminishing repetitive task fatigue and injury, all custom chosen to each table
  • Wide counter space provides more room for larger instruments and wraps
  • Equipped with eight electrical outlets and underside cord management
  • A full accessory catalog is available to build out each table to its unique purpose & function
    • Peel Pack Organization Rail organizes peel pack rolls, stickers, and other sterilization materials on a rail for easy dispensing and filling
    • Peel Pack Pouch Shelf vertically stores and organizes pre-cut peel pouch packets on a back wall shelf
    • Shelf Bins and plastic Bin Rail organizes bins on back wall panel
    • Monitor & scanner arms keep IT off of countertops, and organized on back walls
    • Rulers built-in to each table assist with measuring packaging materials and inspecting instruments

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 60", 72" and 78" lengths
  • Custom sizes available
PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStations
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