PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStation

The premier prep and pack table for increasing productivity, staff ergonomics, and enhancing sterile processing compliance & outcomes

The PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStation is designed to enhance the packaging and visual inspection of surgical instruments. By providing greater ergonomics, enhanced productivity, and greater compliance for the inspection and packaging of surgical instruments and packaging materials, staff can have more control over prep and pack outcomes.

PureSteel Ergonomic WorkStations can be height-adjustable with a standard 3-year warranty on lifters or be fixed height. Height-adjustable pegboards keep tools at the most ergonomic height for staff, while organizing and freeing up valuable counter space for packaging. Power is organized through the pegboards, uncluttering prep and pack tables. Height-adjustable tables include built-in electrical; each table only requires 1 wall outlet.

To enhance worker productivity, PureSteel Ergonomic WorkStations feature a wide range of unique built-in features & accessories. Assembly tables can be customized according to each department’s unique workflow: sizes, pegboards, pull out counters, heat sealer shelves, drawers, footrests, printer & PC shelves, storage areas, accessory layouts, and more are built with each unique application in mind. No two tables need be the same.

Customized features include:

  • A built-in tabletop light for inspecting blue wrap for holes, or finer instrumentation inspection before packing.
  • A collapsable heat sealer shelf for storing heavy, large heat sealers off countertops.
  • An EZ Slide Pullout Countertop creates extra space for packing, when required.
  • An EZ Slide Scale allows technicians to weigh as they pack, ensuring trays and sets are below the 25 lb. weight limit as recommended by AORN and AAMI.
  • Printer and PC Tower Shelves store IT off countertops and help organize wiring.
  • Footrests for ergonomics
  • Under storage shelving for wrap and packaging materials


The tabletop light “solves issues. Holes in the filter or drape is a problem, so the light is a time-saver and a frustration-saver. We can have faith that the drape will be in good shape.”

– Sue, SPD Manager


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Features to help your SPD department

  • Wrap Inspection: A optional, tabletop light provides illumination for inspection of surgical instruments and sterile wrap materials.
  • Illumination: Task and magnification lighting assists with inspection of surgical instruments and packaging materials. Up to 4.75x options available.
  • Ergonomic: Height-adjustment allows technicians to perform tasks while standing or seated at their most ergonomic height.
  • Drawers, shelving, pullout counters and footrests assist in diminishing repetitive task fatigue and injury, all custom chosen to each table.
  • Spacious: Wide counter space provides more room for larger surgical instruments and wraps.
  • Added electric: Equipped with eight electrical outlets and underside cord management.
  • A full accessory catalog is available to build out each table to its unique purpose & function:
    • Rulers built-in to each table assist with measuring packaging materials and inspecting instruments.
    • Peel Pack Organization Rails organizes peel pack rolls, stickers, and other sterilization materials on a rail for easy dispensing and filling.
    • Peel Pack Pouch Shelves vertically store and organize pre-cut peel pouch packets.
    • Shelf Bins and plastic Bin Rails organize packing materials.
    • Monitor & scanner arms keep IT off countertops and organized on back walls.
    • Pegboard hooks to store instruments and tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 60", 72" and 78" lengths
  • Custom sizes available
  • Each table features 8 GFCI outlets for assembly equipment, like heat sealers and computers. Each table requires 1 GFCI outlet.
  • Units ship pre-assembled, so facilities only need to unpalletized, roll into the department, and plug into electrical.
  • All built-in features custom built to the needs of the department.
PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStations
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