PureSteel™ Xi Reprocessing Sink

Big reprocessing capacity in a small footprint

The PureSteel™ Xi Reprocessing Sink creates dedicated areas for endoscope and/or surgical instrument reprocessing to increase a department’s sink space without expensive construction or renovation.

The Xi Sink has a small footprint that is designed to accommodate a variety of larger endoscopes, minimally invasive, or robotic instruments. The 8″ basin depth minimizes deep back bending but still allows proper depth for soaking and instrument trays. The Xi Sink also features a back wall pegboard to organize tools for reprocessing at a convenient height. The pegboard adjusts up and down with the sink height to keep accessories at the most ergonomic height for technicians.

The Xi Sink is built with ergonomically friendly features recommended by OSHA and ANSI/AAMI guidelines. Slanted wrist edges at the front of the sink basin help to minimize pain and injury on the wrists during long hours of reprocessing. In addition, optional height-adjustment functions allow the sink to match the individual user to remove bending and strain.

The Xi Sink comes standard with integrated electrical outlets, so departments can seamlessly add powered accessories. In-built lighting options, automated flushing systems, timers, enzymatic dosing pumps & chemistry storage can be added to create a complete reprocessing sink.


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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Height-adjustable options increase ergonomic benefits for gastroenterology nurses and sterile processing technicians
  • Slanted wrist edges at the edge of the sink basin remove wrist pain and pinching
  • Optional Copper Clean Anti-Microbial Wrist Slants deactivate harmful pathogens for increased worker safety
  • Small footprint to fit into pre-existing decontamination areas
  • Allows departments to create a dedicated area for specific instrument reprocessing such as MIS, endoscopes or robotic instruments
  • Integrated power outlets to make accessory management easy & flexible
  • Fully customizable pegboard or backwall
  • Integrated lighting to meet ANSI/AAMI ST79 and ANSI/AAMI ST91 requirements
  • A wide catalog of reprocessing accessories available, such as timers, task lights, flushing systems, UV blacklights for detecting bone cement, and more
  • Overflow drains prevent flooding of the sink, and remove the need to reach into sink basins to drain
  • Removable volume indicator plates are easy to clean, replaceable alternatives to volume etchings and stickers

Technical Specifications

  • Height-adjustable of fixed height options
  • Internal sink basin dimensions: 30"L x 18"W x 10"D inches
  • External sink dimensions: 34"L x 30"D inches
  • Made specifically to fit da Vinci Xi & SP arms, MIS, and larger endoscopes
  • Includes 4 GFCI power outlets standard (extra outlets optional)
  • Casters, pedestal feet or seismically anchored feet available
  • Faucet configurations customizable
Robotic Reprocessing Capabilities
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