PureClear™ Visualization Station

The PureClear™ Visualization Station creates dedicated staging for visual inspection procedures. The station integrates internal and external visual inspection, video displays, height-adjustability, and organizational back wall panel to create spaces built around each facility’s specific needs and workflow.

The PureClear™ Visualization Station can be integrated in the decontamination room to create visual inspection protocol before further reprocessing. Casters also allow the unit mobility for changing department workflows.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Height-adjustable options to adjust to each worker's most comfortable working height
  • Large surface table for staging long & large instruments
  • Monitor integration for larger visual displays
  • Organizational back wall panel that integrates boroscopes, task lights, wire baskets, and more

Technical Specifications

  • Height-adjustable or fixed
  • Casters


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