PureSteel™ Endoscopy Sink

The PureSteel™ Endoscopy Sink creates a dedicated space for endoscopy departments to soak, flush and rinse flexible and rigid endoscopes per guidelines and recommendations. All the ergonomic, productivity and compliance benefits as our PureSteel Reprocessing Sinks, additional customizations can be made to suit rigid and flexible scope reprocessing, including temperature gauges to provide constant readouts of solution temperatures, and in-basin lighting for enhanced leak testing.

Sink systems can be custom sized to fit in unique spaces in gastroenterology suites and departments, with varying basin sizes or layouts. Height-adjustable or fixed options are available.

PureSteel Endoscopy Sinks can also be fitted with pegboards or back walls to organize cleaning accessories, channel electrical, and organize sink spaces. PureSteel EZ Hinge™ Pegboards are another optional feature that allow technicians and nurses to hinge entire pegboards down to clean behind sinks, access power, or re-organize and install accessories.

Patent pending on the PureSteel™  EZ Hinge™  Pegboards.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Temperature gauge indicates cleaning chemical temperatures
  • Solid back wall panel is easy to clean (pegboard available)
  • EZ Hinge pegboards provide access behind sinks which are permanently affixed or in tight spaces; allows cleaning behind sinks
  • Electric push button allows precise, personal height adjustment
  • Ergonomic wrist edges remove pinch points
  • Storage shelf below sink raises and lowers to allow mopping and cleaning, and easy access to stored items
  • Integrated flushing systems automate the process for consistent, effective manual cleaning
  • Meets all standards, guidelines and recommendations

Technical Specifications

Standard and custom sizes available
Endoscopy Reprocessing Solutions
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