About Pure Processing

Our Mission

Founded in 2010 and based in Carol Stream Illinois, Pure Processing, LLC develops and manufactures ergonomic solutions for easy, fast, safe and effective medical device pre-cleaning. We help surgical, diagnostic, endoscopy and reprocessing departments protect their most important assets: their staff and their medical device inventory. By applying our thorough understanding of regulatory guidance, ergonomics and the instrument cleaning environment, we help providers achieve productive, consistent, compliant and comfortable pre-cleaning processes that support optimal clinical outcomes for their patients.

What We Do

A technician’s job requires hours of standing at a sink, conducting many repetitive movements every hour and every day. This work carries a risk for injury, from neck and shoulder strain, to wrist conditions, to chronic back and leg pain. An injured technician may be unable to perform the movements needed for consistent reprocessing to their fullest, or at all. As they say in reprocessing, “if it’s not clean, it’s not sterile,” so poorly done work can pose a risk to patients as well.

Whether a technician works in a central sterile department, an outpatient surgical center, or a diagnostic or endoscopy department, the risks are the same. But the good news is, Pure Processing provides numerous practical solutions to eliminate or greatly reduce the injury risk in all these work spaces, and to help make pre-cleaning workflow compliant with regulations and highly productive.

We understand every aspect of the pre-cleaning environment, from the big-picture guidance and standards compliance requirements, to facility workflow and space needs, to the individual steps of each pre-cleaning task. For example:

Pure Processing solutions are designed to accommodate any facility’s pre-cleaning footprint, from tiny pre-cleaning corners in an endoscopy lab to a full SPD “dirty side.” Systems and accessories can be selected to optimize the tasks and achieve the workflow volume of each specific department. And PureSteel sinks and inserts are available to accommodate all devices in a hospital’s inventory, from tiny screws and parts to large robotic lumens.

Our portfolio of products continues to grow as we discover new opportunities to help pre-cleaning technicians optimize their tasks, streamline their workflow and contribute to patient safety.