PureChannel™ Flush Touchless Auto Dispenser

The PureChannel™ Flush Touchless Auto Dispenser is an automated enzymatic detergent / chemistry dispenser that offers practical, user-friendly features. This automatic dosing pump gives the user control of the chemical dosage, such as for enzymatic detergents, which reduces waste and ensures solution consistency.

The touchless auto dispenser also provides a temperature read-out to help maintain ideal enzymatic temperature. The motion detector on the side of the pump makes dispensing easy and convenient for technicians and nurses, and prevents avoidable cross-contamination from soiled gloves or hands.

The pump can also be programmed to set off an alarm when detergent bottles are at low volume, or to prevent dosing when the temperature of the liquid is outside of the operating window of the detergent’s recommended temperature range.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

Wave switch, automated touchless technology
  • Temperature display and warning
  • Dose reading and countdown
  • Splash proof and washable
  • Low voltage for safety
  • Easy to re-program

Technical Specifications

  • Can be programmed for any enzymatic brand
  • Requires 1 power outlet
Programming your PureChannel Flush Touchless Dosing Pump
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