InstruSafe® XL Transport Container

Protect instruments during soaking periods

Transporting robotic instruments appropriately and effectively can be a difficult task. The InstruSafe XL Transport Container is the perfect size to soak and protect your instruments.

When sink space is limited, the XL Transport Container offers a standalone, soaking basin solution to fit longer, larger instruments without tying up sink basins. Staff can write on the lockable lid the starting time of the soaking period, and secure for the full duration of the soak.

The XL Transport Container is also cart washer safe, and has built-in water volume indications and biohazard labels as a complete soaking system solution.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Creates a dedicated space with proper alignment for horizontally soaking robotic instruments
  • Highly durable material designed to withstand everyday use
  • Dedicated dry erase “soak start time” space on cover
  • Inner gasket and strong silicone latches reduce spills
  • Quick drain feature — no need to tip container to drain
  • Liquid volume feature to accurately measure detergent solutions
  • Large handles on each end for safe and easy lifting

Technical Specifications

  • 34"L x 17 1/4" W x 6" H
  • Drain available
Robotic Reprocessing Capabilities
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