PureSteel™ Wrap Inspection Table

Organize blue wrap and assembly stations into one organized footprint

The PureSteel™ Wrap Inspection Table is designed to organize and enhance the packaging and assembly of surgical instruments. Combined with a backwall wrap rack to hang blue wrap and a tabletop light to inspect wrap materials, sterile processing technicians have greater ability to find defects in wrap and on instrumentation before sterilization.

Wrap Inspection Tables can be fixed or height adjustable. They can be customized to include built-in features to aid in organization and ergonomics. Departments can choose to add drawers, pull out countertops for more space, heat sealer shelves to store heavy heat sealers, height-adjustable under-shelving for storage, or footrests for enhanced ergonomics.

The tabletop light “solves issues. Holes in the filter or drape is a problem, so the light is a time-saver and a frustration-saver. We can have faith that the drape will be in good shape.”

– Sue, SPD Manager

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Features to help your SPD department

  • Detect Defects: Tabletop light provides illumination for inspection of central sterile wrap materials and surgical instrumentation.
  • Consolidate: Backwall rack allows for easy organization of wraps; remove wrap organizers hiding in the corner of departments away from workspaces.
  • Adjustability: Dimmable switch controls lighting when inspecting wraps of different thickness.
  • Spacious: Wide counter space provides room for larger instruments and wraps.
  • Integrated Organization: Bottom shelf allows for storage of materials.
  • Customizable: Optional, built-in features get the
  • Casters allow for mobility

Technical Specifications

  • 60", 72" and 78" standard lengths.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Custom features available.
PureSteel™ Ergonomic WorkStations
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