PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station

The PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station delivers dedicated spaces for soaking instruments during peak reprocessing hours. The Mobile Soaking Station is perfect for horizontally soaking robotics and larger orthopedic instruments for longer soak times, as stipulated in IFUs.

The Mobile Soaking Station is built on casters for mobile use and includes an organizational back wall to organize soaking accessories and tools close at use, without taking up additional counter space.

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  • Perfect for a 30 minute robotic soak per IFUs
  • Create extra sink spaces for reprocessing, or establish dedicated areas for specific instruments
  • Large enough for orthopedic sets and longer instrumentation
  • Organizational back wall panel keeps tools close at hand without needing additional counter top space

Technical Specifications

  • 34"x22"
PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station
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