PureClear™ Inspection Scopes

PureClear™ Inspection Scopes allow technicians and nurses to access and visually inspect tight internal channel surfaces of new, refurbished, loaned and repaired scopes and other minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic instruments. These hard-to-reach areas can be inspected to confirm functional integrity, ensure removal of all debris, and document the process, which helps meet device IFU and national guidelines.

Multiple scope lengths and fiber and digital optics ensure that channels, connection points, distal tips, spaces behind elevator channels, and any small channels can be accessed, illuminated, inspected and documented with video and high-resolution photography. Documentation includes date, device ID, and time stamps for thorough microbiologic surveillance.

PureClear Inspection Scopes help reduce the patient safety risks of cross-contamination from exposure to residual bioburden, and the potential added consequences of a healthcare-associated infection. They also reduce the number of reprocessing recalls and related surgical and procedural delays.

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“…more healthcare-associated outbreaks have been linked to contaminated endoscopes than to any other medical device.” -CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008



  • Inspect channeled instruments for device damage and bioburden
  • Provide video and photo documentation of visual inspections
  • Maintain the functional working of new, repaired, refurbished, and loaned endoscopes and instruments
  • Introduce more standardized procedures during visual inspections
  • Accessories also available

Technical Specifications

C1-800 Model
  • 80 cm long
  • 0.86 mm outer diameter
  • For very thin channels: bronchoscopes, utereroscopes, ENT, cystoscopes
C2-350 Model
  • 35 cm long
  • 1.9 mm outer diameter
  • Most common instruments in CSD: arthroscopic, shavers, suction tubes, surgical instruments
C2-950 Model
  • 95 cm long
  • 1.9 mm outer diameter
  • Common GI Scopes: colonoscopes, duodenoscopes, behind elevators, robotic instruments
CD2-1100 Model (digital)
  • 110 cm long
  • 1.99 mm outer diameter
PureClear™ Inspection Scopes & Visualization Station
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