PureSteel™ EZ Hinge™ Pegboards

Patent pending on the PureSteel™ EZ Hinge™ Pegboards.

PureSteel EZ Hinge™ Pegboards are an innovative design feature that enhances the functionality of PureSteel™ Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks or PureSteel™ Endoscopy Sinks. The customizable pegboard helps organize accessories while maintaining infection control standards. With its hinged function, sterile processing and gastroenterology staff can clean and disinfect behind plumbed sinks.

In addition, the EZ Hinge™ Pegboard is highly adaptable, allowing GI nurses & sterile processing technicians to install new accessories or reverse the sink’s workflow as needed. The unique design provides easy access to power or utilities that are not typically accessible behind fixed equipment. This feature makes installation, maintenance, and modifications of the reprocessing sink easier and more convenient.

Pure Processing also offers a wide range of accessories that can be added to the pegboard to free up counter space, organize tools, and make manual cleaning more efficient.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Infection control: Easily clean behind healthcare sinks
  • Flexibility: Removing accessories and reversing a whole workflow is easy
  • Accessibility: Easily access items that need servicing (replacing power supplies, checking outlets on the wall behind sinks)
  • Height adjustable with the sink
  • Hinging mechanism

Technical Specifications

  • Available for all sink sizes up to 120"L
  • Each sink will have 2 locks on both ends
  • Piano hinge runs along the top of the backsplash
  • Sinks must include light hoods
PureSteel™ EZ Hinge™ Pegboards for PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
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