PureSteel™ Organizational Pegboard Panels

PureSteel™ Organizational Pegboard Panels are used in reprocessing and storage areas to free up counter space and facilitate organization at an ergonomic height that is easy to reach and navigate.

PureSteel™ Organizational Pegboard Panels allow for easy installation of cleaning and assembly accessories. Back wall panels come in various sizes to accommodate different work spaces.

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Accessories available:
  • Brush and Bath Shelf - allows instruments to soak on a back wall panel with a built-in drain system.
  • PureSteel Task Lights - include concentrated, illumination for external visual inspection of instruments
  • PureSteel Wire Baskets - available in multiple sizes, baskets allow organization of reprocessing supplies on to the back wall panels at an ergonomic height for staff.
  • PureSteel 32 oz. Bottle Holder - conveniently keeps bottles organized on a back wall panel; holds one, two or three 32 oz. bottles.
  • PureSteel Gallon Bottle Holder - conveniently keeps gallon bottles organized on a back wall panel; holds one, two or three 1 gallon bottles.
  • PureSteel Stainless Steel Shelving - shelving space at ergonomic working heights for staff that is easily integrated into back wall panels.
  • FlexiPump Brackets - comfortably nests one, two or three FlexiPump Systems onto a back wall panel.
  • PureSteel Bluetooth Speaker

Technical Specifications

  • 2' x 2'
  • 2' x 4'



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