PureSteel™ Organizational Pegboard Panels

PureSteel Organizational Pegboard Panels are used in reprocessing and storage areas to free up counter space and facilitate organization at an ergonomic height that is easy to reach and navigate.

PureSteel Organizational Pegboard Panels allow for easy installation of precleaning accessories as well as installation of the FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System at a comfortable, ergonomic height. Back wall panels come in various sizes to accommodate all work spaces. Pegboard panels come in multiple sizes as well as customized options, and include a wide range of accessories.

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Accessories available:
  • Brush and Bath Shelf - allows instruments to soak on a back wall panel with a built-in drain system.
  • PureSteel Task Lights - include concentrated, illumination for external visual inspection of instruments
  • PureSteel Wire Baskets - available in seven different sizes, baskets allow organization of reprocessing equipment and supplies on to the back wall panels at an ergonomic height for staff.
  • PureSteel 32 oz. Bottle Holder - conveniently keeps bottles organized on a back wall panel; holds one, two or three 32 oz. bottles.
  • PureSteel Gallon Bottle Holder - conveniently keeps gallon bottles organized on a back wall panel; holds one, two or three 1 gallon bottles.
  • PureSteel Stainless Steel Shelving - shelving space at ergonomic working heights for staff that is easily integrated into back wall panels.
  • FlexiPump Multi-Pump Brackets - comfortably nests one, two or three FlexiPump Systems onto a back wall panel.

Technical Specifications

  • 2' x 2'
  • 2' x 4'
  • 4' x 4'