PureStation™ Mobile Cart

The PureStation™ Mobile Cart assures easy transport and storage of instruments during pre-cleaning. PureStation™ Sink Inserts fit perfectly onto the mobile cart to provide an additional functional sink during peak processing hours. The PureStation Cart can enable point-of-use pre-cleaning in a procedure room and safely transports instruments to the reprocessing department. It can also be used as a dedicated pre-cleaning area for instruments, or for training and testing to help develop a copious flushing protocol.

The PureStation™ Four Tier Transport Cart is another configuration of the PureStation Mobile Cart. It features four PureStation Sink Inserts for departments that require vertical soaking, storage and transport capabilities.


  • Mobile accessory enables pre-cleaning at point of use
  • Can be brought out at peak processing hours as an additional sink
  • Can be used to established a separate dedicated pre-cleaning area for specified instruments

Technical Specifications