SuperDART® ONE PASS™ Brush

SuperDART® removes virtually all bioburden from all channels in just ONE PASS™

The SuperDART® Brush is a validated, three-stage single-use endoscope channel cleaning device used to effectively eliminate debris from scratched channels, thin biofilm present in channels, and debris from channel junctions.

In the 1st Stage, the Robust Leading Brush dislodges debris from the channel walls. Then, in the 2nd Stage, the Squeegee multi-disk wiper sweeps debris away and swipes the channel walls clean. In the final 3rd Stage, the Fine Bristled Tail Brush meticulously tackles remaining debris and biofilm, ensuring a pristine finish before the final flush with a detergent solution.

The SuperDART® ONE PASS Brush provides advantages not found with other pull-through brushes, including:

  • Validated high-level cleaning results
  • Time savings; swipe channels once for an effective clean
  • Reduced time brushing, and reduced fatigue on nurses and technicians
  • Multiple lengths and sizes for a range of endoscope channels

Technical Specifications

Kit consists of the SuperDART® and Suction Cylinder Brush p/n 9990. Channel Size Range 2.0-2.8mm (Ideal for cystoscopes, bronchoscopes, intubation scopes)
SuperDART® Part Number Kit Part Number Catheter Length (cm) Catheter Diameter (mm) Units/box
9293 9399 240 1.6 25
9253 9355 122 1.6 25
9233 9333 85 1.6 25
Channel Size Range 2.8-4.2mm (Ideal for colonoscopes, gastroscopes, duodenoscopes)
SuperDART® Part Number Kit Part Number Catheter Length (cm) Catheter Diameter (mm) Units/box
9292 9188 250 1.7 25
SuperDART® ONE PASS Brush Video Demonstration
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