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The highest quality equipment designed for the hardest working departments.

We solve People, Process, and Productivity issues

Pure Processing helps facilities prevent avoidable infections with technologies and workspaces that help achieve thorough instrument cleaning and disinfection, while also maintaining compliance.

Pure Processing technologies help reduce instrument damage, worker injuries, and the risk of infections while improving processes and streamlining overall workflow.

Recent installations:


“…the Pure Processing products offered are more proficient and adhere to standards and recommended practices, but also improve workflow and hopefully to improve, happiness of the staff.”

Steven, Sterile Processing Department Manager

“…the fact that you hang accessories off of the pegboard,gives you adjustability and flexibility for a workflow. And then the cleanability. …you’re on wheels, so it’s not a commitment once I land it. This is just a flexible product because of how you could set it up how you can turn it. You could change your department’s workflow next month, next year. That’s most of the flexibility piece. If I’m making an investment, that’s what I want to see. It’s either I’m buying a product or I’m investing in equipment and I think that is the distinction.”

Scott, Sterile Processing Manager

Areas served

  • Sterile processing departments
  • Endoscopy and GI labs
  • Surgical centers

We offer expertise and collaborative services to:

  • department managers
  • architects
  • builders

Workflow analysis/assessment

(infographic explaining steps below:)

Customer workflow deep dive to strategize current and future needs, staff safety, and compliance issues.
Assessment of project scope, needs, and expectations.
Confirm objectives for project, equipment and accessories, timelines, and purchasing options.
Educational offerings throughout the entire process.
Post-installation in-servicing.



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