Behind the Scenes: Partnering with Pure Processing

Choosing a partner for a project or renovation can be daunting. The products or services a vendor offers are one thing, but as important is aligning in partnership with your vendors. The process of finding that partnership? That’s not something easy to evaluate from pamphlets and brochures.

Below, we highlight our goals and mission as an instrument reprocessing manufacturing partner and vendor, and some experiences you’ll have in partnership with Pure Processing.


Get to know each other’s goals

The first step in any good partnership is getting to know and understanding each other’s objectives. Your Pure Processing representative sits down for a virtual consultation to get to know you and your department.

Through this consultation, we learn your:

  • People: Your team, and your relationships within the facility
  • Processes: Your standard operating procedures and workflows
  • Problems: Challenges preventing your departments optimal, operational success
  • Patients: Your goals and objectives in delivering optimal patient care

Through any consultation, we hold ourselves to one Core Value: Passion for Processing. It represents our dedication to our customers in the instrument reprocessing profession, and eagerness to constantly expand our knowledge of the industry. We aim to learn from your experiences and insights, as much as we can provide equipment and services.


The right fit

With a thorough understanding of your department and its needs, we can evaluate potential solutions together. We explore options that meet your needs, address your challenges, department layout, budget, and time frame. With these considerations in mind, we identify the right-fit solutions for your department and discuss if they can positively impact your goals.

As a true partner striving towards the best end-result for your department, we may recommend products or solutions from other companies during this stage. We may also recognize that development of modified products or services is required, especially in reprocessing sinks and assembly tables. Exploration of custom solutions may also occur for your given clinical needs!



Upon determining solutions your department will invest in, such as a reprocessing sink or prep & pack table, you’ll work with your Pure Processing representative to zero-in on exactly how that solution will be configured.

Walk-throughs of custom solutions and features may include:

  • Width/depth of your equipment, especially for areas limited in space such as endoscopy
  • Pegboard layout and workflow
  • Basin configurations
  • Accessories and tools
  • Lighting options and configurations
  • Ergonomic options, such as height adjustability and wrist rests
  • And many more!



During the review phase, configurations and layouts are presented for discussion. Many departments value seeing common pegboard configurations that other facilities have implemented to incorporate their accessories in an optimal way. It can also be helpful to visualize equipment at this stage, assessing impacts to space, tools and facility’s needs.

With decisions reviewed, we’ll walk through each line item in your proposals to ensure the project meets your intended specifications, and for clarity on each line items’ purpose.

Several pre-meetings can be held before quote approval to ensure internal hospital teams are aligned with installation responsibilities. No effort is spared to make the implementation as seamless as possible.


After ordering your new equipment

Once you’ve ordered your new equipment, Pure Processing goes into action to create exactly what your department needs. We do a few things during this time:

  • Verify and confirm your pegboard layout
  • Fabricate your new piece of equipment
  • Dress your equipment with the accessories and tools as specified in your pegboard layout
  • Quality check
  • Ship it to you!

Our internal process goes through multiple teams to ensure the highest quality of equipment and delivery. No item leaves our dock doors without a fine QC’ing eye.


Ready to go

Upon receipt of your equipment, our team will work with yours to ensure a seamless implementation. All accessories and electronics will be configured and mounted, and customers can choose to have Pure Processing provide pre-configured plumbing packages. All you’ll need to do is final connections and plug your new sink or table in to be ready for reprocessing!



Through a consultative, department-first approach, Pure Processing goes the extra mile to ensure that your new equipment investments will not only remedy challenges but enhance your department’s ability to achieve its most optimal patient safety outcomes. With Passion for Processing as our guiding philosophy, we give consideration to the smallest details to guarantee right-fit solutions for each partnership, and a seamless implementation, allowing your department to feel the impact on day one.

Looking for a vendor partner on a new project? We’d love to chat!


PureSteel™ EZ Hinge™ Pegboards for PureSteel Healthcare Reprocessing Sinks
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