ST91 Compliance Success Stories

The updates to ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 caught some departments flat-footed. Between increasing the total number of basins, changing basin sizes, including visual inspection, enhancing magnification requirements, and more, there were changes in many portions of a scope’s workflow.

Since the ANSI/AAMI ST91:2021 revisions, departments have acted fast to remain compliant. Below are just a few success stories Pure Processing has had the chance to work on with facilities across the country.


When a GI department in Missouri began looking for a new reprocessing sink, they knew their options were limited. With a tight space allotted for their scope sink, and two windows further constricting the way the space could be used, single basin sinks felt like the only option.

When Pure Processing learned of the project and the department’s spatial requirements, it became clear that a unique solution was needed. With ST91’s two-basin requirement in mind, Pure Processing armed the end-user with documentation to present to administration knowing  that if the department had the opportunity to replace their sink, they should take the opportunity to achieve ST91 compliance at the same time.

Leveraging our ability to design custom sinks, Pure Processing visited the department to get a better understanding of the space and the department’s needs. The end result was a two-basin sink that fit into the limited space, not only adding an additional sink basin, but achieving ST91 basin requirements as well.


The basin size requirements that came with ST91:2021 created complications for a lot of existing projects. A facility in Texas was in the final stages of purchasing new triple-basin scope sinks when it was realized their 24”x16” basin sizes would not meet the ST91 basin size requirement of 30”x16”.

Because our sink basin sizes are designed to be ST91 compliant by default, Pure Processing was well-positioned to jump in and help the department out. Between existing inventory and short lead times, the project was completed on time, and went far to ensure ST91:2021 compliance.


When a large hospital in Illinois realized they were far from achieving ST91:2021 compliance, they knew they needed to act. Pure Processing was brought in as a partner, and the results were tremendous.

Four ST91:2021-compliant reprocessing sinks were installed. Each sink had three basins, achieving optimal basin count, and each basin was 30”x18”x10”, exceeding the stated 30”x16”x8-10” size requirements. Further, each sink was height-adjustable, providing ergonomic benefits and adhering to ST91:2021 recommendation.

The shift to required in high-risk endoscopes regarding visual inspection in ST91:2021 was something that many departments were anticipating, but not necessarily prepared for. Pure Processing outfitted the department with borescopes, as well as mounted magnified task lights to the sinks, ensuring visual inspection recommendations were met.


Despite the surprises that ST91:2021 originally sprung on many departments, departments found solace in a vendor partner who could meet unique guidelines in tight, demanding GI spaces, act quickly and keep projects on track.

Interested in finding ways to get your department ST91:2021 compliant? We’d love to help!

Looking for more reading on ST91: 2021? Read our Six Takeaways from the ANSI/AAMI ST91: 2021 Update Reprocessing Report, here. 

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