Everything You Need for Ocular Reprocessing

Everything You Need for Ocular Reprocessing

Thoroughly flushing delicate small diameter intraocular lumens is a time consuming challenge,

unless you have:

FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System

  • Flush multiple, small ocular lumens
    at once: with the five-lead tube set; enables
    consistent flushing volumes per each
    device’s IFU and reduces connection/
    disconnection work.
  • Programmable speed, pressure and flushing
    volume: controls pressure for safer flushing
    of delicate and small lumened devices.
  • Hands-free copious flushing: provides
    programmable, consistent flushing and
    rinsing per manufacturers’ IFU.
  • Compact footprint: allows flexible
    installation around sink, on wall or on
    counter in small pre-cleaning areas.

PureStation™ Dedicated Eye Sink

  • Lightweight containment and transport unit:
    enables separation of intraocular instruments at the point of use and provides easy transport for cleaning.
  • Dedicated labeled reprocessing sink: complies
    with guidelines and brings reprocessing up to
    an ergonomic height for users.
  • Polyurethane construction: provides safe
    handling of delicate instruments and easy
    disinfection in cart washers.

Pure LandingPad™ Sink & Surface Liner

  • Flexible design: protects delicate eye
    instruments from impact damage.
  • Perforated: allows for easy draining.
  • Easy to disinfect: in cart washers or with
    ready-to-use disinfectants.
  • Long useful life: medical grade silicone
    withstands heavy use.

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