FlexiPump™ And Mobile Soaking Station- A Match Made In Heaven

FlexiPump™ and Mobile Soaking Station- A Match Made in Reprocessing Heaven

The FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System and the PureSteel™ Mobile Soaking Station are an ideal combination for departments that reprocess a growing number of robotic devices. With the speed and consistency of FlexiPump™, and a dedicated soaking station separate from your primary sinks, robotic devices can be reprocessed in compliance with IFUs without bogging down your department.

The FlexiPump™ Independent Flushing System

  • Eliminates repetitive motion associated with syringes
  • Can flush both ports on robotics at the same time
  • Various tube set options, including 30 PSI
  • Frees up technicians to complete other tasks
  • Flushes 1000cc through multiple devices simultaneously
  • Impact cycle to dislodge debris
  • Now on FSS contract

PureSteel Mobile Soaking Station

  • Perfect for 30 minute robotic soak
  • Can be used as an additional basin for reprocessing or as a dedicated soaking station, freeing up sink space.
  • Large enough to accommodate orthopedic sets and longer instrumentation
  • Organizational back wall panel keeps tools readily available.

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