PureSteel™ Workstation

The PureSteel™ Workstation is a salable and effective option for creating a dedicated, yet mobile, work space for your department. Height-adjustability and a variety of accessories make the workstation an easy solution for time, space and cost effectiveness. 

The integrated back wall allows departments to create customized layouts of accessories to match each individual’s space and workflow requirements. Include magnified task lights, wire baskets, gallon and bottle holders, shelves, and more to create completely customized stations.

PureSteel Workstations also include an open configuration shelf for storing tools and equipment.

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Features to help your SPD and/or GI department

  • Ergonomically favorable with height-adjustability
  • Creates extra work space  
  • Attached back wall allows for installation of an assortment of accessories
  • Casters allow for mobility to adapt to space changes and needs
  • Creates a dedicated area for inspection of devices
  • Accommodates prep-and-pack work space needs

Technical Specifications

  • Height-adjustable or fixed
  • Casters


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