Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership is transparent, analytical, decisive, and focused on growth. Our open-door policy ensures access, encourages communication, and facilitates career coaching with senior leadership.  We frequently share our progress and long-term plans. We encourage employees to participate in the vision-casting, share ideas with Leadership, and challenge us to be better.

Picture of Dan Gusanders, Founder

Dan Gusanders, Founder

After recognizing a long under-addressed need in the decontamination side of sterile processing, Dan set out to create a company focused on helping the heroes of the hospital. Dan has spent over 20 years helping hospitals recognize the positive returns on investments when sterile processing becomes a focus for innovation and enhancements.

Picture of Chuck Siems, EVP Sales

Chuck Siems, EVP Sales

Chuck is a high-impact sales leader focused on driving results in coaching & developing highly effective salespeople, developing robust sales strategies, and executing Visions with skill and repeatable success. Solving real-world problems for sterile processing by investment in their SP services is one of the most rewarding parts of his role.

Picture of Megan Pietura, Operations Manager

Megan Pietura, Operations Manager

Megan is a Vistage Emerging Leader with 8 years' experience in the instrument reprocessing industry. She holds a Master's from University of Illinois Urbana -Champaign in Human Resources & Industrial Relations, and oversees the Marketing, Inside Sales and Human Resources functions at Pure Processing.

Picture of Carrie Pasinski, VP Finance

Carrie Pasinski, VP Finance

A demonstrated financial, accounting and operational powerhouse, Carrie drives outcomes in her companies with superior team management, business processes improvement, and strong financial philosophies and practices. Carrie brings over 20 years' experience from software, construction, consulting, and the financial industries.

Our EOS Philosophy

A great business starts with a great framework. By utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System Model®, we effectively guide our business as Leaders by:

  • Setting, nurturing and sharing our Vision with our employees
  • Ensuring we have the Right People in the Right Seats
  • Using data as a primary decision-making tool
  • Solving challenges & issues early and often
  • Systemizing and optimizing processes for efficiency and scale
  • Embodying discipline and accountability by executing
Learn more about the EOS Model, here. 

Our Openings