The Guide to SPD Leadership

Welcome to Pure Processing’s Education program, The Guide to SPD Leadership. We’re excited you’ll be joining us for this program!

2 CE Credit

Accredited through HSPA

Program Summary

Join us in this interactive 2 CE course as we tackle the pervasive staffing concerns affecting the U.S. With an aging generation retiring, staffing shortages are set to escalate. Hospitals are also experiencing major changes after the pandemic. Strong departmental leadership can have significant positive, or negative impacts on a hospital’s outcomes. Learn proactive strategies to retain your great team and focus on culture and leadership to boost retention. This course will equip you with the tools to maintain a strong, cohesive workforce, and improve your leadership skills & toolbox.

The course requires you to read the following 5 blogs:

At the end of this session, you should be able to:

  1. Identify how a network and stakeholders influence SPD process improvement planning.
  2. Define the impact of score cards, metrics and analytics has in understanding SPD operational performance.
  3. Discuss the educational influence that leaders have on their department’s development and proficiencies.
  4. Analyze and contrast process improvement initiatives and their impact on staffing, operations and department performance.

Please read all 5 blogs, and then take our short 14-question quiz to measure your understanding of the material. An 80% score will indicate your knowledge of the material and qualifies for a Certificate of Completion to earn CE credits.