Meeting Your Department’s Needs Through Equipment Customization​

Meeting Your Department's Needs Through Equipment Customization

Customized Healthcare Sinks and Tables that lead to Success in Sterile Processing and Gastroenterology

Equipment customization isn’t an unnecessary luxury, it’s a practical way for departments to solve their unique problems and meet their unique needs. 

Whether you are interested in designing your department’s ideal endoscope or sterile processing sink or prep and pack table, we turn practical, functional needs into a reality, saving your department time, reducing ergonomic concerns, and standardizing procedures. 

Through our consultative process, we get to learn who your department really is: all its challenges, needs, and goals. That’s why hundreds of our customers rely on us to help them with their needs. 

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A Customization Success Story


A Missouri GI department faced limited options when seeking a new reprocessing sink due to tight space and two windows. Pure Processing recognized the need for a unique solution, considering ANSI/AMMI ST91 requirements. Armed with documentation, they encouraged a sink replacement to achieve ST91 compliance. By leveraging custom sink design capabilities and assessing the department’s space, Pure Processing delivered a two-basin sink meeting both spatial constraints and ST91 basin requirements.